All products have one year warranty and three years after-sales service.
To register the warranty, send the serial number of your product to our system (by sending the number 1 to the SMS system with the theme {Please send the serial number inserted in the warranty card} it will be sent to you, then by sending the 13-digit serial number registered on The warranty card is processed to the system, the product you want and is registered in the system.)
> Warning
1. If you send number 1 to the system but do not send your serial number after that, your desired product has no warranty.
2. If there is a problem at the beginning of the SMS, state the 13-digit serial number and then your problem, otherwise your SMS will not be answered.
3. The warranty includes technical defects caused by the production of goods.
4. Defective goods will be replaced only after testing and confirming the defect and defect by the experts of the Chariot Service Center, if it is possible to repair it, otherwise it will be replaced with a healthy part and the price difference.
! Note that if you have blocked the promotional SMS as a telecommunication, the SMS system will not send you a reply.

Items out of warranty
Warranty of serial or hologram warranty serial
⊗ Repair by unauthorized persons
فیزی Any physical deformation such as bending, crushing – scratching – rusting – burns and fractures – no date of purchase – no hologram – damage caused by careless handling, handling and maintenance
پار Fabric parts of the product are not covered by the warranty
⊗ Consumable parts including wheels, axle, tray cover, tray cover and rack tray are not included in the warranty