After gaining 40 years of experience in the production of baby accessories, Arabeh Baby Supplies Factory is one of the few leading factories in the industry that has been able to produce products suitable for domestic consumption and export to different countries.

Relying on modern experience and science, it has the greatest variety in its products, which has made the chariot production group more different from others.

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Excellent build quality

Arrabeh Industrial Group uses the best quality raw materials and standard design in the manufacture of its products and brings customer satisfaction.

Attractive for children

The combination of colors, childish design and structure, and the use of decorations in the chariot production lines are used to attract children and keep them in good spirits.

Affordable price

The price of Arrabeh products is targeted according to the level of income and budget of Iranian families and customer satisfaction is considered in the first place by this industrial group.

Arrabeh Industrial and Manufacturing Group is a supplier of all kinds of child support products, including strollers, scooters, baby tricycles, bathtubs, etc. The activity of this industrial and production group is aimed at improving the level of welfare of children and helping them with entertainment and their mental and physical development. Optimizes its products.