Alva dining chair

Alva dining chair

The dining chair teaches the child that there are specific eating habits, places and tools, and they should be repeated in the same order every day.

Getting used to such an order can eventually help him in ordering his other activities.

This chair will be loved by children with its stylish and practical design. From the age of 6 months, children are ready to eat complementary foods other than milk.

Putting a child on the floor or ordinary chairs is a difficult and dangerous task.

This dining chair can be used from when the child is able to sit up to 36 months and weighs 15 kg.


Alva dining chair

One of the ways to attract a child to eat is to use a high chair, which can play a very effective role in children’s eating.
Also, the dining chair helps with the manners of sitting at the table and eating.
Alva model car seat has a 5-point safety belt and protects your child completely.

Also, the back of the chair has three sleeping angles and an adjustable footrest has been installed for the child’s comfort.

This chair, which has a removable and washable tray, is easy to fold and carry.

How to use the Alva dining chair

When you want to feed the child, you have to sit him on the floor, the child is mobile and feeding him is a very difficult task, and he cannot be placed on the seat of the elders.

Because it does not have enough safety and there is a possibility of falling and harming the baby. Having a high chair for a baby allows you to feed your baby safely.

This seat can be used from the time your child is able to sit, and it can be used up to 36 months (3 years old).

Additional information

نوع / type

صندلی غذای کودک
Baby food chair
كرسي طعام اطفال

ابعاد / Dimensions

58x76x100 سانتی متر, ابعاد با کارتن 58x30x67 سانتی متر
58x76x100 cm, Dimensions with carton 58x30x67 cm
58x76x100 سم, الأبعاد بالكرتون 58x30x67 سم

وزن / Weight

9.8 کیلوگرم, ابعاد با کارتن 11 کیلوگرم
kg 9.8 / dimensions with 11 kg carton
9.8 كجم / الأبعاد مع كرتونة 11 كجم

گروه سنی / age category

6 تا 36 ماه
6 to 36 months
من 6 إلى 36 شهرًا

ظرفیت وزنی / Weight capacity

مناسب برای کودکان با وزن کمتر از 20 کیلوگرم
Suitable for children weighing less than 20 kg
مناسبة للأطفال الذين يقل وزنهم عن 20 كجم

قابلیت تنظیم پشتی / Adjustable back

بله (دارای 3 حالت)
Yes (with 3 modes)
نعم (مع 3 أوضاع)

قابلیت تنظیم ارتفاع / Height adjustable

بله (دارای 5 حالت)
Yes (5 modes)
نعم (5 أوضاع)

قابلیت جمع شدن / Collapsible

حصل عليها

سینی / tray

بله / همراه با روکش سینی برای محتفظت و جلوگیری از آلودگی
Yes / Comes with a tray cover to protect and prevent contamination
نعم / يأتي مع غطاء صينية للحماية ومنع التلوث

قابلیت جداسازی سینی

Ability to separate the tray
القدرة على فصل الدرج

سایر توضیحات / Other Details

دارای کمربند ایمنی 5 نقطه‌ای
It has a 5-point safety belt
تحتوي على حزام أمان من 5 نقاط

ابعاد سینی 30×50 سانتی‌متر
The dimensions of the tray are 30 x 50 cm
أبعاد الصينية 30×50 سم

بیشترین ارتفاع نشیمن 60 و کمترین 44 سانتی‌متر
The highest sitting height is 60 and the lowest is 44 cm
أعلى ارتفاع للجلوس 60 سم وأدنى ارتفاع 44 سم


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