matis king baby car

Children are always practicing and preparing for adult life. Mathis King’s car is one of the ideal children’s devices as a toy car.

By riding this small car, your child will not only improve the ability to maintain balance and ride, but also improve the flexibility and coordination of his body parts.



Mathis King car design

This product is made of compressed plastic and is produced in various colors. The dimensions of this product are 61 x 41 x 74 cm and its weight is 4.6 kg. It should be noted that the distance between the child’s seat and the ground is 28 cm and the height of the parent’s guide lever is 95 cm from the ground.

Mathis King car safety

This baby car can be used for children from 18 months and above and its weight can be up to 15 kg. Among the safety features of this product, we can mention the child protection guard, which is placed on both sides of the car, and if the child can use this device alone, it can be easily removed. Another safety feature of this product is the location of the child’s feet, which is designed as an integral part of the body. When the parents control this product, the child can easily put their legs on it and enjoy this device without any damage. Takes.

This device has a piece in its back that makes the child never turn back.

Mathis King car capabilities

One of the most important features of this series of Matis machines is the parent’s steering lever, which allows you to take full control of this machine. This lever, with a new mechanism, can easily and easily give direction and move to the sides. This product is designed in a musical way and by pressing the corresponding keys, it gives the sound of the car turning on and moving; To use music, you need AA batteries.

Another feature of the Matis King car is the compartment under the seat with dimensions of 10 x 16 x 18 cm, in which the child can easily put his belongings.

Additional information

نوع / type

ماشین بازی کودک فریم پلاستیکی
Plastic frame children's toy car
سيارة لعبة للأطفال بإطار بلاستيكي

ابعاد / Dimensions

61*41*74 Cm

وزن / Weight

4.6 kg

گروه سنی / age category

قابل استفاده برای سنین ۱۸ ماه به بالا
Can be used for ages 18 months and up
يمكن استخدامه للأعمار من 18 شهرًا فما فوق

ظرفیت وزنی / Weight capacity

مناسب برای کودکان با وزن کمتر از 15 کیلوگرم
Suitable for children weighing less than 15 kg
مناسبة للأطفال الذين يقل وزنهم عن 15 كجم

کمک فنر / shock absorber

لا يمتلك

محافظ صندلی / seat protector

حصل عليها

محل قرارگیری پا / Foot position

حصل عليها

سبد / basket

حصل عليها

چراغ/ lamp

سایر توضیحات / Other Details

دارای اهرم هدایت والدین با قابلیت هدایت ماشین
It has a parental steering lever with the ability to drive the car
تحتوي على رافعة توجيه أبوية مع إمكانية قيادة السيارة


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