umbrella stoller

umbrella stoller

Choosing the right stroller can have a great impact on the comfort of you and your child.

Walking and walking in the park or shopping in commercial complexes as well as traveling cane stroller can be your and your child’s best friend.



umbrella stoller

At first glance, this product looks small and beautiful. This stroller has very little weight and occupies a small volume.

These things make it highly efficient in trips and small environments.

The umbrella stroller has a very good material in addition to its beauty and high strength.

The wheels of this product can be easily replaced in case of problems or changes in taste.

The fabric of this stroller is available in a wide range of colors and has soft fibers that can allow air to pass through, which makes the child calm and comfortable.

In this stroller, brakes for the wheels and a safety belt are installed for the safety of the child as much as possible.


Features of umbrella stroller

360 degree front wheels

Light and compact (suitable for travel)

Has a front guard

Adjustable and lockable canopy

It has 8 strong plastic wheels

With a seat belt

Additional information

نوع / type

کالسکه سایز کوچک
Small size stroller
عربة أطفال صغيرة الحجم

ابعاد / Dimensions

110 × 30 × 22 سانتی‌متر, ابعاد در حالت تاشو : 97 × 60 × 37 سانتی متر

110x30x22 cm, Dimensions when folded: 37x60x97 cm

110 × 30 × 22 سم, الأبعاد عند الطي: 97 × 60 × 37 سم

وزن / Weight

5.450 kg

گروه سنی / age category

قابل استفاده از 6 ماه تا 4 سال
Can be used from 6 months to 4 years
يمكن استخدامه من 6 أشهر إلى 4 سنوات

ظرفیت وزنی / Weight capacity

مناسب برای کودکان با وزن کمتر از 20 کیلوگرم
Suitable for children weighing less than 20 kg
مناسبة للأطفال الذين يقل وزنهم عن 20 كجم

تعداد چرخ / Number of wheels

هشت عدد
Eight numbers
نعم، مادة السلة: قماش

ترمز / brake

چرخ های عقب
Rear wheels
الاطارات الخلفية

سبد / basket

لا يمتلك

سینی کودک / baby tray

لا يمتلك

سینی والدین / parent tray

لا يمتلك

سینی جلوپایی /Baby foot tray

لا يمتلك

قابلیت جمع شدن / Collapsible

حصل عليها

سایر توضیحات / Other Details

دارای پشتی قابل‌تنظیم در دو حالت
It has an adjustable back in two modes
لها ظهر قابل للتعديل في وضعين

چرخ‌های جلو با قابلیت چرخش 360 درجه
Front wheels with 360 degree rotation
عجلات أمامية قابلة للدوران 360 درجة

مجهز به کمربند ایمنی جهت حفظ ایمنی کودک
Equipped with a security camera
مجهزة بمعدات أمنية

دارای گارد محافظ
Has a child guard
لديه حارس الطفل

مجهز به سایبان
Equipped with canopy
مزودة بمظلة


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